Needed: A New Family for Holcomb Rock

A new chapter for Holcomb Rock:

My children's father, Tom Berkeley, and I saved Holcomb Rock in 1983. We scraped the exterior paint, treated the clapboards with a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine before painting it, fixed the holes in the walls and the floors, added heat, added plumbing.

My children grew up there. Now at least part of the work and much of the work I had hoped to complete needs doing. The house is much too big for either of us, and is silent without the sound of play and visitors.

Our chapter at Holcomb Rock is over, and now we are looking for the next family for a house that has always had families and has out survived all but a few.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Views of Holcomb Rock

Holcomb Rock is in the right on this picture. I think the white house is our house, but I'm not sure.

This is not a view from the house obviously- I think I took this time I got the most thoroughly lost in my life- I found myself surrounded by trees and truly not having a bearing on where I was standing- not knowing whether I should go up or down. One of those moments of terror that seems rather trivial later- if I had gone up the mountain I would have ended up at Eagle Eyrie or Pebbleton , and down  I would have been either on the road or by the river. But I just remember my relief when I saw the river again.

The island is named Persimmon Island . Before flooding it was bigger, and I recently met a man who lived on the island for a while. More recently , some kayakers got stranded there. I remember seeing a fire obviously keeping someone warm, but didn't imagine that they saw themselves as lost. 

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