Needed: A New Family for Holcomb Rock

A new chapter for Holcomb Rock:

My children's father, Tom Berkeley, and I saved Holcomb Rock in 1983. We scraped the exterior paint, treated the clapboards with a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine before painting it, fixed the holes in the walls and the floors, added heat, added plumbing.

My children grew up there. Now at least part of the work and much of the work I had hoped to complete needs doing. The house is much too big for either of us, and is silent without the sound of play and visitors.

Our chapter at Holcomb Rock is over, and now we are looking for the next family for a house that has always had families and has out survived all but a few.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Log Room

New disclaimer, and apologies to the house for my multitudes of decorating starts and stops! 

The ceiling is the floor boards in the room up. There was some insect damage which we had repaired  . 

Yes, specific apologies for the wallpaper border. This window would have been an exterior  before the cabin was added to. 

My understanding is that the bay window was added to the log room in 1904, and that the logs were covered up at that time , and a new floor added. 

My favorite stairs - the paint is original . They've been  washed 100's or times just in my lifetime! 

This is the door from the log room to what we used as the play room.  If you compare this with the drawing from Jim Meriwether, you'll see that the (now playroom) was used as a kitchen.
  This was undoubtedly  originally an exterior wall, but I'm not sure what light that sheds on the opening.

Isn't moving fun!

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